How to prepare for the most productive quarter of the year

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Get ready for your most productive quarter yet (and get your BONUS practice plan!)

The fall season — traditionally the most productive quarter of the year — is fast approaching. Take full advantage of all the opportunities that come your way by preparing now. Use our tips and technologies and, as a bonus, download our free practice plan and make this your most productive quarter yet!

Set a goal
People are most productive and successful when they set a goal that is specific and measurable. How about aiming to increase your sales by 25% over last fall? Or to add five new clients between September 1 and November 30?

Make a plan
After you define your target, pinpoint where the new business revenues will come from. Will 75% result from increasing revenues from existing clients and 25% be the result of bringing in new clients? Where will you find these new clients? What products or strategies will you promote to achieve your goals? The answers to questions like these will help you formulate your strategy.

Plan your week
To maximize your productiveness, create a plan for a model week that maps out how you will divide your time. For example, you might allocate certain hours to making prospect calls and others to client contacts; set aside a day or two for client reviews and a day or two for uninterrupted “focus” time; dedicate certain times each day for returning phone calls and emails. Apportion your time according to when and how you are most productive.

Reach out frequently
This quarter is the perfect time to boost your online presence, with more frequent Tweets, Facebook posts and other digital outreach. Use Carte Links to send personalized information to individuals in your targeted prospect groups and track their interest so you can develop a follow-up strategy. Engage with your colleagues through when you need help or answers to an important question.

Use all resources
To maximize your effectiveness and efficiency, take full advantage of all the technology and automation tools offered by Carte Wealth Management Inc. These include the CarteUp blog for advisors, and of course CarteCore client relationship management system to track all your interactions, set follow-up reminders and store important information and documents during this very busy quarter. We encourage you to visit to explore these tools and more.

And finally, do be sure to download the bonus Practice Plan developed by Carte Wealth Management Inc. The Practice Plan is a great tool to help you define your goals over the next three months and take the steps that will help you reach them.

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