How to Create a Successful Client Appreciation System

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How to Create a Successful Client Appreciation System

A well-designed and well-maintained client appreciation system automates your client outreach, helps increase your value to clients, and can lead to longer-lasting relationships and more book-building client referrals.

Carte Wealth Management Inc.’s internal customer relationship management (CRM) system makes this easy. It contains all the tools you need to simplify your practice and achieve maximum performance in one centralized, accessible location.

Our CRM system includes Carte Core, a centralized database that brings all your client information together in one platform and Carte Links, a one-stop content management system. Using this technology, we empower advisors with the tools to be more efficient and automate the little things that may have otherwise fallen through the cracks. The result is a highly intuitive and powerful suite of digital tools that strengthen your capacity to cater to clients. Leveraging this technology provides you with always-on, top performing digital assistance, and a centralized repository of client information and activity.

Our CARTE CRM systems allow you to operate a robust client contact program, so you can:

  • centralize your data for convenient access
  • keep a complete and centralized history of your calls
  • send emails securely
  • generate professional reports with tables and charts
  • send personalized content, including videos, sell sheets and articles, to individual clients.

To add value, client communications should involve more than statement mailings. Here are three ways you can harness the power of our CRM system to deepen client relationships and grow your book of business:

  1. Birthday Reminders. Automatic reminders for each client so you are alerted when a special day is approaching, such as a birthday, anniversary or graduation. Then send a congratulatory message to show you are thinking of that person.
  2. Referral Program. Reward clients who refer others in their network with a small thank-you such as a gift card or other token of appreciation once the referral becomes a client. Remind clients occasionally about the referral program — it’s a simple way of saying that you are interested in growing your business.
  3. Seminars and Events. Hosting a seminar or event on a wealth management topic can be a great way to market yourself and demonstrate your expertise. Choose a topic based on timeliness or the interests and concerns of your target client base. Consider co-hosting with another professional to expand your reach. Use Carte Core to send out email invitations and track RSVPs.

There are many ways to use the Carte Wealth Management Inc. CRM platform; you are limited only by your own imagination and entrepreneurship. The important thing is to use it to maintain regular, but varied, contact with clients.

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