5 Tips to Turn a Lead into a Lifetime Client

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5 Tips to Turn a Lead into a Lifetime Client

As a financial advisor, it’s always exciting to build relationships with new leads. Although demonstrating positive results is key to earning confidence and trust, what else can you do to ensure that those leads turn into clients, and that those clients stick around for a long time?

Here are 5 tips that can help:

  1. Listen: It all starts with listening! There is no one-size-fits-all solution to financial planning, so if you listen to your lead’s wants, goals, and fears, and then tailor the right solutions around them, they’ll recognize that you respect their wishes. This can lead to a long-term business relationship, as well as referrals.
  2. Provide solutions in a simple manner: What might seem simple to you can be overwhelming for your leads. If you explain a financial strategy to them in the same way you would to your peers, you might leave your new leads scratching their heads. When talking about solutions, use language, analogies, and scenarios they understand and relate to. They’ll appreciate your efforts and actually understand.
  3. Nurture your lead: Elevate the relationship with your lead by taking an interest in their community. Share events of interests, cheer on local sports teams, and show genuine enthusiasm for the things that are important to your client. You don’t have to become best friends but developing that deeper connection will build loyalty.
  4. Educate your leads: Keeping your leads in the dark about how markets work can cause them doubt and, confusion. The more your leads understand how financial markets work, the more confident they’ll be when deciding to hire you. In short, educated leads simply make better clients.
  5. Communicate: Keep your leads on your email list. Sending out a regular newsletter with engaging information will keep your leads updated as to what you’re seeing in the market, what actions you’re taking, and that you’re on top of the current trends. Prove yourself even before they hire you!

To help our advisors better communicate with their clients, we offer CARTE Links. CARTE Links is a financial service content engagement platform that helps advisors become more efficient in client outreach through improved access and distribution of content while automating compliance and marketing. It’s a great way to connect and keep in touch with your leads and clients!

To learn more about CARTE Links, or other strategies that will turn leads into lifetime clients, contact us today.

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